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Bingo Roulette

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52 BingoFast196Full HouseDragonfish

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Welcome to Bingo Roulette for the ultimate roulette experience on Sugar Bingo. We are proud to offer you the chance of winning cool prizes on our new 52-5 Bingo Roulette. Purchase your tickets and enjoy a fast and exciting way of enjoying the thrill of roulette and bingo. It’s a twist on the classic bingo game and offers loads entertainment to players! Spin to win big!

How to Play Bingo Roulette?

To get you started, follow these various steps:

  • To kick-off, your experience, purchase your bingo tickets and wait for the game to begin.
  • Players can buy at least 1 ticket or up to 96 tickets in a bingo game.
  • Each bingo ticket consists of 5 various numbers out of the 52 possible numbers.
  • The roulette wheel is made up of 52 numbers which are then spun with each call announced.
  • Numbers are called at random and if they appear on your ticket they are daubed.
  • Calls appear in 2 different locations, which are the calling board and the wheel.
  • You win the game if you are the first player to cover all 5 numbers.
  • Note that once you’ve entered the game, you can decide to enable the sound or not.

Features and Benefits

Auto Daub: The Auto Daub on Bingo Roulette is done for the players straight away by placing a chip on the daubed number.
Calling Board Check the calling board on the top right-hand side of the screen to learn which numbers were called.
Info Panel: Learn additional game information by checking the game info panel. You can find out the number of players and whether the jackpots are applicable.

Winning the 52-5 Bingo Roulette

There is only one winning pattern on 52-5, and it is the Full House. It takes place when all 5 numbers on one purchased ticket are daubed. A winning message will pop up and it will include the winner’s name.

Mobile Experience

Bingo Roulette offers plenty of opportunities for players to win big via their iOS and Android devices. This entertaining game has a user-friendly design and its easy to play. Load the game on your tablet or mobile and play anywhere! A seamless gaming experience awaits you.

1 Bingo Roulette is a reskin of the 52-5 game Flash 5 and the Candy Factory game. However, the rules stay the same. The main difference is found in the graphics and animation experience.
2 The Buy Time Timer will alter the text colour and you will hear a voice that will advise you to purchase cards 30 and 10 secs before the Bingo Roulette game starts.
3 When the buy time ends, and you’ve purchased your tickets, the game will begin.
4 The arrow points at the drawn number which is displayed on the Roulette Wheel.